High-Quality Fibreglass Roofs for Witney Homes

Our fibreglass roofs and roof insulation installation services are some of the best in the local area, and we’re sure that we have an ideal service for you. Based in Witney, Oxfordshire, the professional team at Moss Roofing Oxford ensure that you receive the best fibreglass roof, using TuffStuff® to guarantee this. Call us now to discuss your preferences and requirements.

What Is TuffStuff?

TuffStuff ® is a GRP (Glass Reinforcing Polyester). It is a totally seamless, hard-wearing flat roof waterproofing system which complies with all current UK building regulations and carries a now mandatory Full Fire Certificate.

It comprises of specially developed polyester resins in liquid form, reinforcement fibreglass mat and a comprehensive range of pre-made edge and flashing trims in 3-metre lengths. When installed, these elements form a totally seamless, hard-wearing roof. It is available in dark grey as standard but may also be ordered in one of several colour options. A non-slip variant is also available.

TuffStuff ® can be expected to provide a lifetime of service and also carries a 20-year product guarantee. It is installed onto OSB 3 BBA approved tongued and grooved 18mm boards.

TuffStuff ® has been engineered specifically for ‘the trade’ and we pride ourselves on being able to provide a complete training and technical support package for our customers, as required.

Description and Specification

A TuffStuff ® GRP roof is a wet laid, single-ply GRP laminate made up of two layers of catalysed base coat resin sandwiching a layer of chopped strand glass fibre reinforcing mat (450/600gsm). It is applied to a good-quality new OSB 3 or WBP plywood deck. Profiled GRP edge trims are applied to the roof edges and abutments and the roof is finished with a coat of catalysed pigmented topcoat resin.

System Features

1. All Components Engineered to Be Used Together
2. A Range of Profiled Edge Trims to Suit All Applications
3. 20-Year Materials Guarantee
4. Fire Retardant To BS476-3 EXT F.AB (No Restrictions on Usage)
5. Low Styrene Emission Resins
6. UV Resistant
7. The TuffStuff® Laminate Is Fully Resistant to Wind Uplift as It Is 100% Bonded to the New Timber Substrate
8. Textured, Slip-Resistant Finish Available


Insulation can be used in a cold roof (insulation between joists) or warm roof (insulation above joists) configuration to comply with current part L of building regulations.

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